Organifarms partners with CarbonLock

With our mission to create a sustainable future, we are happy to partner with a young Swedish start-up that shares this mission. CarbonLock is an eco-label that lowers industrial CO2 emissions in a straightforward yet clever manner.

How do they do it?

They build on the European carbon market to have their impact. This system was introduced to regulate and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions of the biggest emitters in Europe. Through this regulation, companies must purchase CO2 emissions rights (EUA) according to the emission they have released. Carbonlock partners, such as Organifarm, dedicate a part of their turnover which CarbonLock uses to buy and freeze EUAs. This drives the way the biggest industrial actors in Europe produce and release CO2, towards a fundamental reduction in CO2 emissions. Thanks to this, Carbonlock is able to guarantee that buying any product labeled by CarbonLock is decreasing industrial CO2 emissions in Europe.

What does it mean for Organifarm?

As we are now an official CarbonLock partner, it means that every time you are choosing to buy our products, you are directly and automatically decreasing the industrial emissions in Europe, through us...and CarbonLock. We, Organifarm, are dedicated to support the reduction of industrial CO2 emissions and the future of our planet.

To learn more check out their website:

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