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Organifarms wins the ifok. innovation award!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Organifarms is proud to announce that the startup has been chosen for the innovation award of the ifok GmbH.

The award honors innovative ideas that tackle the social and ecological challenges of our time. Organifarms was chosen for its development of a prototype for the automation of vertical farming systems. The team has developed an image recognition system that makes it possible for the robot to harvest ripe fruit and perform quality control. The juror Jill Meiburg of the GEA Group AG has congratulated the team in the virtual award ceremony and praises the idea to contribute to meeting the increasing need for food in an innovative and creative way.

Next to Organifarms, two other great ideas have been honored with the award: NePals e.V. with their idea of using non-recyclable plastic waste for road surfaces, and Robin Loh with the idea of future workshops to strengthen the rights of youth in youth homes.

We are very grateful for being among the winners and thank the jury and everyone involved!

Click here for more information or here for a newspaper article about the event.

To watch the video of the award ceremony click here.


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