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What we do

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

To face the challenges of feeding a growing population without creating negative impacts on the climate and environment, we are developing automation technology for indoor farming systems.

Image recognition for harvesting strawberries in vertical farm

Due to high labor costs and labor shortages, indoor farmers are currently facing problems with running their businesses and being profitable. With our farming robots, we will automate the harvest, plant care, and monitoring for different varieties of fruit and vegetables to make it possible to grow a wide range of crops profitably.

Our technology is specialized on the indoor farming environment and can easily be integrated into existing systems. The image recognition recognizes ripe fruit, with the software being programmed to automatically harvest and place the fruit into punnets. This makes our product easy to use and does not require prior knowledge for handling. Our modular design makes it possible to add new grippers for different fruit and vegetables. In addition to that, we are developing an optimized process technology, which will enable a faster harvesting speed.

We are currently developing our first product, our harvesting robot BERRY.

Check the latest blog posts for new information about BERRY and get in touch with us!


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