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Mission Values


Organifarms was founded in 2020. Driven by the idea of a more sustainable version of the agriculture we see today, we started our mission to improve work conditions and product quality.

A year later, the first prototype of BERRY was born. 


Today, Organifarms consists of a great team of people who work in development, sales, communication and finance. Read more about our company values and development below.  

Organifarms Team 2022


on our work
We work

We create a healthy and joyful working environment together! 

In our team events and workshops, we talk about values, company development and culture, as well as needs and wishes for everyday work-life. Because a mission created together is a mission realized together!



Agriculture is a good place to start making our daily lives more fair and sustainable - because food production is one of the most fundamental sectors - and also one of the most important ones. 

Dominik Feiden, CEO

Our mission is to contribute to a modern agriculture that is sustainable - environmentally, socially and economically. We want to be part of a revolution that leads us to a state of being able to feed the world without destroying it on the way. 

Do you want to be part of our mission? 

Our development

From Hackathon to Harvesting robot - see how we started and continued our mission over time: 


Icon Rocket launching in front of laptop


Icon Robotic Arm

Our founders meet at a hackathon in Berlin and decide to take on the mission to create a more sustainable agriculture

We buy our first robot to start developing our product in a basement in Constance


Icon Document with pen


Icon Greenhouse

Organifarms is founded as a limited liability company

BERRY is tested in a greenhouse in Baden-Württemberg


Icon four hands holding each other

Our team grows to 8 people


Icon Money Coins with arrow up

We receive funding by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Rentenbank


Icon Winning Badge with star

BERRY is presented at the Greentech fair in Amsterdam. Additionally, we win the GreenTech Innovation Award. 



To be continued

BERRY finalizes first complete harvesting season in the greenhouse

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