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I am your next harvester in the greenhouse. 

Video of our Prototype in April 2022



...the answer to labor shortage

Berry Harvesting Robot for Strawberries.jpg

Quick & Safe


The robot carefully places the fruit in the sales punnets. BERRY harvests without touching the fruit, by cutting them stem.


Image Recognition Strawberry Harvesting Robot BERRY Organifarms

Control & Sorting

Your choice of variety, ripeness & filling level can be set individually. Through our innovative software and image recognition, we are able to detect quality and degree of ripeness precisely. 

...your reliable solution

Strawberries in Punnet Organifarms

Optimal filling

When the desired filling weight is reached, BERRY moves on to the next punnet. Crates are exchanged autonomously.


berry-harvesting-strawberries-punnets Harvesting Robot

Time Saving

In the on-board storage system, BERRY transports up to 20 kilos of fruit before being emptied. He works 24 hours a day, running on modern batteries.

BERRY Harvesting Robot for Strawberries in Greenhouse


gently harvests without touching fruit

simplifies labor planning

stores up to 20 kg after harvest

fruit are store-ready in sales punnets


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Videos of BERRY 

Watch the latest video of BERRY the harvesting robot for strawberries.

Explained: Get to know more about BERRY, Organifarms and our mission.  

Berry Harvesting Robot for Strawberries.jpg



Organifarms as your professional partner in business

Organifarms develops autonomous harvesting robots for greenhouses.


We know that the characteristics of greenhouses and cultivation can be individual. We are happy to assess the integration of our technology in your greenhouse together. After a non-binding call, you can decide to book BERRY for a demo in your greenhouse. 

Contact us for all details!

Our Partners

Get to know our partners for trials and technology:

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