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Organifarms receives CyberOne Hightech Award



Organifarms won the CyberOne Hightech Award. The Constance-based startup convinced the jury in the Industrial Technologies category.

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Organifarms secures funding



Constance-based start-up Organifarms successfully closed its first round of financing this week. The funding is provided by the Start-up BW Pre-Seed Program of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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Organifarms reveals award winning robot



Organifarms presents strawberry harvesting robot and wins GreenTech Innovation award. “This is the moment we all have been waiting for”, says Hannah Brown, co-founder and CCO at Organifarms. 

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Organifarms wins start-up prize from the Rentenbank



After the three-day AgTech and FoodTech Bootcamp of the Rentenbank and the TechQuartier in Frankfurt, the Constance-based start-up Organifarms convinced the jury at the Demo Day. Eleven start- ups participated in the competition and presented their innovative ideas for agriculture and food production.

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Organifarms receives funding by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Rentenbank


Today, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, together with Nikola Steinbock, handed over the first funding approvals to Organifarms GmbH and three other start-ups.

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Award ceremony Cyberone Hightech Award (l.t.r. Kathrin Günther, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Birka Kallenbach, Hannah Brown, Michael Krug, Fabian Sacharowitz) Picture: bwcon

Hannah Brown and Birka Kallenbach thanking the team and jury at the Cyberone Hightech Award 2022

Picture: bwcon

BERRY driving autonomously through the greenhouse

Founding Team: Dominik Feiden, Marian Bolz, Hannah Brown, Mario Schäfer (left to right) 

Harvesting Robot BERRY in the greenhouse 

Placing strawberries in sales punnet: Fruit are ready to be sold to customers and weighed 

BERRY transports up to 20 kilos of fruit in his storage system while driving through the greenhouse autonomously

The innovative gripper cuts the fruit at the stem and never touches them - preventing bruises. 

Co-Founder Hannah Brown with the GreenTech Innovation Award

Organifarms CEO Dominik Feiden receives certificate of funding by Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir and Nikola Steinbock, Spokeswoman of Rentenbank's Board of Managing Directors

Example of BERRY's image recognition - fruit are scanned to evaluate degree of ripeness and harvest

Company Logo 


Insights into BERRY's functionalities and work in the greenhouse. CSO and Co-Founder Mario Schäfer explains how BERRY helps farmers and which problems he solves.

Our prototype from April 2022 harvesting in the greenhouse. Insights into BERRY's image recognition and work. 

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