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Meet BERRY our harvesting robot for strawberries

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Our harvesting robot BERRY automates the harvest, quality control and packaging of strawberries in indoor farming environments.

Quality Control

BERRY's image recognition software recognizes the ripeness, size, shape, and defects of the strawberries to ensure perfect quality. This prevents the harvesting of unripe fruit, enables sorting out fruit that is damaged or has defects, and ensures a flawless harvest. You can select the harvesting criteria according to your needs.


The perfect interplay of our software and hardware guarantees a quick and safe harvest.

BERRY is able to harvest strawberries in all situations and navigate through tight clusters.


Our automated harvesting robot BERRY does not only pick strawberries but also places them directly into the punnets.

With our integrated balance, we can make sure that each punnet has the optimal filling level.

No additional sorting or packaging required!

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