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Organifarms reaches new milestones in technological development

Ripeness Estimation

Organifarms’ software development team

has successfully integrated the ripeness estimation which now enables the detection of the exact degree of ripeness of the fruit. This not only helps in reaching better harvesting results but also in planning the next harvest.

Another great step that is completed, is the installation of a second camera through which the system has a 360° view of the fruit. This makes it possible to identify quality defects and ensure that the fruit is ripe from all sides.

Patent Pending

Organifarms is happy to announce to now have a patent pending for its technology that enables a higher harvesting speed and success rate.

Become a pilot customer

Organifarms can help you to profitably grow strawberries (or other crops) in your vertical farm or high-tech greenhouse. Interested? Get in touch and we will find the right solution to automate your indoor farm.

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