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Organifarms closes financing round

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Constance-based start-up Organifarms successfully closed its first round of financing this week. The funding is provided by the Start-up BW Pre-Seed Program of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The start-up was supported by the start-up incubator Grünhof, which acted as a partner for the necessary preparation of the application documents and the pitch presentation. In addition, the young company was able to convince a co-investor and finally also the L-Bank of its innovative idea.

"We are very happy about the positive result", reports CEO and co-founder Dominik Feiden, "thanks to the funding from Start-up BW Pre-Seed, we can finance the completion of our product". Organifarms is currently developing a harvesting robot for strawberries for indoor farming. With the help of automation technology, it aims to enable the cultivation of labor-intensive fruits and vegetables in protected environments. In this way, the start-up wants to promote the sustainable cultivation method of vertical farming, but also greenhouse cultivation, as this significantly reduces water and fertilizer consumption and eliminates the use of pesticides.

The first prototype has already been completed and handles the harvesting, quality control and packaging of strawberries. The next steps are piloting with partners, and the completion of the first product.

About Organifarms

Organifarms develops farming stations to automate complex processes, such as harvesting, pollination, quality control and plant care, in indoor farming environments. The central component is the intelligent software for detecting the position, ripeness and quality of the fruit. The current product specializes in harvesting strawberries but can also be applied to other crop types. More information about Organifarms is available on the company's website:


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