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Review of the year 2022

In 2022, we continued the third year of our company development. It held challenges, developments and progress – but of course, also a lot of fun, berries, happy moments and success.

Technological Development

From March until November, we were able to run tests in greenhouses in the Netherlands and Germany. During this time, we finalized lots of steps in the development and tested with different varieties of strawberries. We were able to improve success rates, speed and accuracy and finalized the exchange of crates. Like this, we are able to look back on BERRY’s first complete harvesting season in 2022.

In April and November, we were able to publish two new videos about BERRY. The first showed our last prototype harvesting in the greenhouse – in the latest video our CSO Mario Schäfer explains all about our robot’s features and technology, market and more. All our videos can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Company Development

In January, we received funding from the German Ministry of Agriculture and the Rentenbank, which gave us a great head start for a year full of development.

At fairs in Berlin, Stuttgart and Amsterdam, we had our first own booths, where we were able to show and explain BERRY to customers, the press and visitors. Additionally, we revealed BERRY at GreenTech in Amsterdam.

By the end of the year, we were able to close the first contracts with customers! This achievement was a great milestone for the Organifarms team. Thus, BERRY will soon be working in greenhouses in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.


Over the year, our team grew and is now consisting of 10 permanent employees in Constance. To strengthen the team spirit, we implemented monthly team building events organized by different members. They took place indoors and outdoors, consisting of cooking and eating, playing and walking – we are looking forward to continuing this tradition next year!

One tradition that we could already continue was our team weekend – we were able to share our values of working together, implement changes in everyday work life and strengthen our joined vision.

Awards and Prizes

In 2022, we were able to celebrate some great successes at events and award ceremonies:

We were able to convince the juries of the GreenTech Innovation Award and the CyberOne Hightech Award of our idea and business model.

Additionally, we could convince the audience at the Horticoop Dragon’s Den, where members – most being growers – voted for our idea.

We are beyond grateful and honored!

Hannah and Dominik receiving GreenTech Innovation Award
Winning the GreenTech Innovation Award in Amsterdam (© GreenTech)
Organifarms reveiving cyberone high-tech award on stage
Receiving the CyberOne Hightech Award in Tübingen (© bwcon)

Happy Holidays

The whole Organifarms team wishes you happy holidays and all the best for the new year! We thank all our partners, supporters and friends that have been and are part of our journey. We are excited for the things to come and to continue our journey!

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