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Organifarms takes next steps in company development

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Founders Organifarms

New Office

The team is thrilled about moving into its new offices at the farm in Constance. It does not only provide office space but also networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators. We are very grateful about the great support of the city of Constance.

Our new location offers optimal conditions for growing and expanding our business. Here, we have the space and resources to continue our research and development and build up our production.

GmbH founded

BAFA Invest Förderfähig

Organifarms is now a limited liability company (GmbH) which is an important step in the company's development.

Further, Organifarms is now eligible for the "INVEST – Venture Capital Grant" of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).

Become a pilot customer

We can help you to profitably grow strawberries (or other crops) in your

vertical farm or high-tech greenhouse. Interested? Get in touch and we will

find the right solution to automate your indoor farm.

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For more information visit our website:

Are you also interested in our technological development? Then check out our latest milestones here.


Hannah Louise Brown

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